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  • When you will submit application at American Express you need following documents.


    1. Form DS-156 completely field.
    2. Form DS-157 completely field.
    3. Form DS-158 completely field.
    4. Form applicant’s parent’s information completely field.
    5. Photocopy of form I-20.
    6. Receipt of Home office fee payable after visa confirmation  (100 USD)
    7. Visa application fee in cash approximately Rs.12000.00.
    8. Two pictures with white background. Size 2 inches x 2 inches (50mmx50mm).
    9. Passport in Original with Photocopy.
    10. National ID card in Original.
    11. Complete Details of your family e.g. name, address, contact numbers, applicant Height (tallness).


  • When you will go USA Embassy Islamabad for Interview you need following documents with you.


  1. ID card.
  2. Visa Application completely filled.
  3. Appointment letter.
  4. All educational documents in original with each photocopy.
  5. Sponsor letter
  6. Sponsor’s bank statement.
  7. Any other financial sporting documents of your sponsor e.t. Property evidence, Business evidence, letterhead, visiting card, Tax Documents.
  8. University/College offer letter (I-20/acceptance letter).

Pictures Format:




(2 inches x 2 inches)

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