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  • Located in Technology Ave, Blantyre, Glasgow G72 0LH, United Kingdom
  • It was formed in 1897 (as Paisley College of Technology), 1992 (granted university status), 2007 (renamed to UWS)
  • Public University
  • It offers Undergraduate & Graduate Degree Programs
  • Four Campuses: Paisley Campus, Ayr Campus, Dumfries Campus & London Campus
  • Intakes – January / September
  • Tuition fee:
  • Undergraduate: £13,000
  • Graduate: £14,000


For Complete Tuition fee details, please click on this link:

  • At present, University of West of Scotland is offering more than 100 programs in different disciples such as Business, Management, Computer science, Life Sciences, Biomedical sciences, Engineering etc.
  • University of the West of Scotland (UWS) has been named the top young higher education institution in Scotland in the prestigious THE World University Rankings 2020 league table.
  • The university is ranked second in the United Kingdom for Education in the 2020 Complete University Guide
  • It is ranked second in Scotland for the number of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with businesses


English Language Requirements:


  •  IELTS 6.0 overall no module less than 5.5

Programs Available

Undergraduate Program:

For complete details of undergraduate Programs please click on this link: –!?%7B%22Keyword%22:%22%22,%22CourseSubject%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22CourseSubject%22,%22Value%22:%22%22%7D,%22CpdDeliveryMode%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22CpdDeliveryMode%22,%22Value%22:%22%22%7D,%22CpdSubjectArea%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22CpdSubjectArea%22,%22Value%22:%22%22%7D,%22CpdLocations%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22CpdLocations%22,%22Value%22:%22%22%7D,%22CpdCourseStartDates%22:%22%22,%22Campus%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22Campus%22,%22Value%22:%5B%5D%7D,%22StudyMode%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22StudyMode%22,%22Value%22:%5B%22Full%20time%22%5D%7D,%22PageNum%22:1,%22PageSize%22:12,%22SortBy%22:%22Az%22,%22CourseType%22:2771%7D

Graduate Program:


To see all the graduate programs available please click on this link: –!?%7B%22Keyword%22:%22%22,%22Letter%22:%22%22,%22CourseSubject%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22CourseSubject%22,%22Value%22:%22%22%7D,%22CpdDeliveryMode%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22CpdDeliveryMode%22,%22Value%22:%22%22%7D,%22CpdSubjectArea%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22CpdSubjectArea%22,%22Value%22:%22%22%7D,%22CpdLocations%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22CpdLocations%22,%22Value%22:%22%22%7D,%22CpdCourseStartDates%22:%22%22,%22Campus%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22Campus%22,%22Value%22:%5B%5D%7D,%22StudyMode%22:%7B%22Key%22:%22StudyMode%22,%22Value%22:%5B%22Full%20time%22%5D%7D,%22PageNum%22:1,%22PageSize%22:12,%22SortBy%22:%22Az%22,%22CourseType%22:2772%7D

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