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British Council IELTS Registration Center

(International College of Languages)


* Register for your IELTS exam/test date through your International College of Languages.

* We are registered IELTS Partner of the British Council's IELTS Partnership Programme.

* Book your test date two weeks before the actual test date and three weeks before the actual test date in peak months such as August, September, November and December.

Upcoming test dates in Lahore

Test Date Module Apply by
11/10/2014 IELTS Academic 27/09/2014
18/10/2014 IELTS Academic 04/10/2014
18/10/2014 IELTS General Training 04/10/2014
01/11/2014 IELTS Academic 18/10/2014
01/11/2014 IELTS General Training 18/10/2014
13/11/2014 IELTS Academic 30/10/2014
22/11/2014 IELTS Academic 08/11/2014
22/11/2014 IELTS General Training 08/11/2014
06/12/2014 IELTS Academic 22/11/2014
06/12/2014 IELTS General Training 22/11/2014
13/12/2014 IELTS Academic 01/12/2014
13/12/2014 IELTS General Training 01/12/2014


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