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Student Visa Checklist for UK (Under TIER 4)

1. TB Test Call 051- 111466472 to get Appointment, Call timing
Monday to Friday from 08
am to 12 pm; before calling keep your passport in front of you.
2. Get appointment for the submission of visa application from landline 090010411 or mobile 8865
3. 4 photos Size 35mm x 45mm (with white background & on Mat paper).
4. Passport in original, CNIC in Original
5. CAS (we will provide you)
6. Proof of advance tuition fee (It must be mentioned on CAS Letter if you pay any advance fee).
7. CV & Work experience letters in case of job (This is mandatory).
8. Teacher Recommendation Letter / Reference letters also Character Certificates if you have.
9. Important (PBS-TIER4) :- According to Point Base System now student have to give Proof of availability of money :-Students need to show their have access to money to support the first year of tuition fees and living costs i.e. £9000 for London & £7200 out of London (living + remaining tuition fee), in case of accompany family member i.e. spouse or under 18 years children for London £ 5400 out of London £4050) Proof can be shown in any of the following ways:

1. Students have cash in his own account or in a joint account with the person who is supporting
(In case of joint account the first name must be the student name. The amount must be in bank 28 days before applying the visa (the amount must be shown in a single transaction but not in so many transactions; Bank statement must be singed & stamped & in official format not in hand written also obtain bank letter for your account with bank manager visiting card).

2. A loan in the student's name. 3. Official financial or government sponsorship. The cash must be in student’s own account before 28 days of applying of visa. 4. Student’s Parents bank statement.
Note: If the student is in UK, then he/she should show a bank statement according to the same formula (tuition fee-advance plus two months living charges) but two months living charges should be shown which is 800 GBP per month out of London and 1000 GBP per month in London.

10. Two Original Bank Letters with Original Bank statements with stamp and sign
11. After visa application is submitted; you need to send us the copy of UK Visa submission
Slip so that we could check your visa status.
12. Visa application fee of Embassy in Pak rupees equal to Rs. 47000 = (Please reconfirm this
at http://www.ukvacpk.com/visafees.aspx)
13. All documents must be in English language otherwise translation will be necessary {
(1)The accurate translation of the original document (2) the date of translation (3) The Translator
full name and signature (4) Translator’s contact detail (5) if possible obtain letter head of
translator which contains all the above information.}
14. All educational documents in Original including IELTS/ TOEFL test + CNIC + Passport+ TB Test
16. Original Birth Certificate (under 18 years of age)
17. Rs.20 Stamp paper for parents consent with copy of mother and father CNIC.

Please get 2 original sets of bank statements from your bank. Copies are not acceptable.
Please make 1 copy set of all the original documents at A4 size paper and on 80 or 100 Gram Paper.

18. Submit all the above 2 sets (1 original & 1 copy set in our office) after obtaining appointment date from UK Visa Center, please give us at-least one week for visa preparing case)

Refund Policy in Case of Refusal:

Please inform us and give us visa refusal letter without wasting a single day otherwise we will not be responsible for the refund of advance deposit.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Advice for students preparing to come to the UK to start their studies
From UKBA:
If you are a student looking forward to coming to the UK to begin your studies here this year you will now start preparing for your journey. As part of your preparation we want to make sure you have everything you need to get through the UK border as securely and quickly as possible.
This advice explains some of things you can do to help with this.
1. Make a note of a suitable UK contact including full name, address and a phone number which will be required when you complete your landing card.
2. Ensure you complete your landing card before you meet the Border Force officer in the UK.
3. If you carry your passport in a protective wallet, please take it out before you present it to a Border Force officer.
4. Never give false or misleading information (including forged or counterfeit documents) to a Border Force officer.
5. Have the details of your university confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) number and medical card (if you have one) in your hand luggage that you carry with you on to the aircraft. If you don't have your CAS number to hand, please bring thorough details of your course of study.
6. There are restrictions on food products that you can bring to the UK from outside the European Union, even for personal use. Restrictions apply to products made from meat, dairy, fish, eggs and honey, as well as some fruit, vegetables and plants (e.g. bulbs, seeds, cut flowers and tree bark).
7. There are also restrictions on the amount of goods such as tobacco, alcohol and gifts you can bring in the UK. If you exceed your allowances all of your goods can be taken away from you.
8. Never bring in counterfeit goods, illegal drugs, firearms (including realistic imitations), offensive weapons (including knives) or indecent or obscene material.
9. Make sure you are familiar with the conditions of your visa including the number of hours you are allowed to work.
10. You must declare any sums of cash of €10,000 or more (or the equivalent in another currency) if you are travelling from a country outside the European Union.
There will be dedicated student lanes at some of our airports so keep a look out for these when you arrive.

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