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I __________________ son of ________________________ resident of _____________________________ do hereby solemnly declare as under:

1. That __________________________ (candidate’s name) resident of __________________ having CNIC/Passport No. __________________  is my real son.
2. That he desires to proceed to (name of country) for getting higher education.
3. That I shall be responsible for payment of all the expenses: tuition, accommodation, and living for the duration of his full course at ______________________________________ (University Name).
4. That I have attached bank statements which total an amount of Rs. _______________________ hence providing proof of available funds to support my son.
5. I have _________________ number of dependants.
6. My present occupation is (job title / business name) and my main sources of income are:
a. (Salary/Business _________,  Annual total _________)
b. (Monthly rent from property _________ Annual total _________)
c. Interest from savings certificates _________ Annual total _________)
d. (Any other _________ Annual total _________)

I declare that I have the ability to pay for all the above mentioned expenses.
I further declare that my above declaration is true and correct and to the best of my knowledge.

DEPONENT Signature ____________________
CNIC/Passport No. ________________

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