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Statement of Purpose

Education plays an important role in keeping up with this fast moving world. In order to polish one’s personality and skills it is crucial to gain education. Being living in this modern era with all of its pros and cons, human needs an education which should include updated and long-lived learning to be able to get the pace of time. So, a prestigious institution with comprehensive curriculum and the qualified staff is the best place to polish skills and boost up creativity.

Educational and Family Background

My name is XYZ and I am a very hardworking and dedicated person. I completed my matriculation from Divisional Public School in Lahore which is amongst the best school in the city, for intermediate I secured a scholarship in Punjab College which is one of the most reputable colleges in the country. After completing my Intermediate, I started searching for a course that will help me pursue my passion for studying business, hence rather than selecting a traditional route of doing Bachelor’s I opted for ACCA as it is a professional qualification that is globally recognized in more than 175+ countries. It provided me with more advance knowledge in the field of accounting and finance. It provides a better understanding of audit, tax consulting, advisory, accounting, and many more. Which I believe is very important in today’s ever demanding world of business. During my ACCA i also secured an internship in Government's leading energy firm Quaid-e-Azam solar power plant. Recently i have done IELTS and scored 7.5 bands overall, listening 8.0, reading 7.5, writing 6.0, Speaking 7.5.

Talking about my family background in Pakistan both of my parents are Government Employees. My father is serving at Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology (PINSTECH), while my mother is an assistant professor in Higher Education Department. I have two siblings and both of them are younger them. My sister has recently completed her graduation from Government College University in English literature and my brother is doing his graduation in Physical Education in the same institute.

Why MBA and Canada?

I have always been driven by my motivation to learn more about the business world and although ACCA provided a very good platform for me to understand accounting and finance principles. However, I believed that it was not enough. I didn't want to be confined to just accounting and finance, I desired to learn more about how a business as a whole runs and how all factors play along for its success. In this quest for more knowledge, I found that MBA was the next step, seeing the increasing demand for MBA in top Firms of Pakistan, I concluded that it was the next step as it provided me with an overall business knowledge as well as helping me to climb the corporate ladder and someday start my own business.so I  started looking for study options to pursue MBA, in my research I found that MBA in Pakistan was only worth it if it was done by any of the tops universities in the country but none of them had the option for me to continue studying MBA right after my ACCA, so studying MBA in Pakistan was not really an option for me. Hence I looked abroad and  Canada stood out to be as the best country to do my pursue my dream of MBA for several reasons, Canada offers internationally recognized degrees with quality education and excellent career opportunities,  Vancouver  Canada is considered to be one of the most powerful financial centers in the world, this for any business student who wants to learn is a very great opportunity as I can observe first-hand how some of the world's largest companies operate and try to implement it in my own country. Studying MBA in Canada is comparatively less expensive than in any other first-world country. Canada is among the top 10 safest countries in the world for international students. After considering all these things, I found that Canada is the most suitable destination for pursuing MBA. 

Why University Canada West (UCW)?

Researching for an MBA institution in Canada, University Canada West (UCW) stood out to me for some reasons:  

Ø  UCW offers an MBA-ACCA pathway in which I don’t have to do any bachelor's which was the main issue regarding admissions in Pakistan, and upon this also offers me a credit score on my already passed ACCA papers which means that length of the course of MBA is cut short and I can pass my remaining ACCA papers and get an MBA degree simultaneously.  

Ø  Also, The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offered by UCW is accredited by ACBSP, a global business education accrediting body.  

Ø  Digital components are included in the MBA program that makes it more Up-to-date with the currents trends to the technology introduced in the field of business management/administration  

Ø  Furthermore, work experience units are integrated with the course to offer an opportunity for acquiring detailed industrial exposure as well.  

Ø  Another the thing that stood out was UCW’s location, Vancouver Canada is among the top destination for many business students as Vancouver Canada is among the top financial power center.  

Ø  And lastly, the cost of doing an MBA at UCW is among the most affordable in Canada.  

Apart from these factors mentioned above MBA at UCW is designed in such a way that it allows me to build upon my already acquired knowledge in ACCA, like Strategic leadership, and also adding to my skillset, things like Systematic analysis and business operations management. So, with an MBA degree from UCW accompanied by my ACCA, I would be fully equipped in taking on the challenges of the ever-changing business world. 

After completing my MBA, I foresee a bright future in Pakistan by joining any of the top multinational companies and deliver to the best of my abilities in order to excel in the corporate sector. With ACCA combined with my MBA and foreign exposure, I will be able to attain the best opportunities as many of the big firms are looking for this combination. I hope that I get a chance to study MBA at the University of Canada West. I am quite convinced that after my postgraduate studies, I will have significant knowledge and the right skillset with great qualifications in my field. I am a confident person so I personally think that I can get a position of Finance manager in any large corporation in Pakistan. I just would like to join a company that provides a great and long-term career for me, so I can settle in and contribute my knowledge and skills to my fellows. As I am applying under SDS so I want to inform you that I have paid my first year’s full tuition fee CAN$17500 and have also deposited CAN$10,095 in my GIC account.

Therefore, I place my request before Canadian High Commission to consider my application for a student visa, so that I can travel and start my studies on time.



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