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  1. Visa application (Official Use only),
  1. Student Questionnaire (Official Use only)
  2. Visa application fee of Embassy 5850 Rs. + 250 Rs. Bank Draft Charges +TCS charges about 600  (Make a bank draft in Pak rupees in the favor of “Consulate of Ireland” Karachi)
  3. All original Educational Mark Sheets, Certificates, Professional Training Certificates and IELTS result, (includes Board Address, Phone Numbers and Fax Number) Institutes Address, Phone No.
  4. Three Copies of all educational documents including degrees, diplomas, short courses etc.
  5. Latest original report of English Language Certificates IELTS or TOEFL (Language Certificate should not be older than 2 years)
  6. Three Copies of IELTS / TOFEL Test,
  7. An explanation of any gaps in your educational history.
  8. Six (6) passport size photos (with white background)
  9. Passport in original, NIC in Original, 3 photo Copies of NIC (whole A4 sized page) and 2 photo copies of Passport (1st three pages and last three pages) (whole A4 sized page).
  10. Copy of first 3 and last 3 pages of old passport(send us copy if there is any visa and refusal in passport)
  11. If there is any old visa refusal please send us letter of reason about visa refusal only from Consulate/Embassy
  12. Personal Statement (Study Plan, it mean what have you done in your previous education, why are you choosing this country, why this course, why this university / college, what you will do after completion of your study).
  13. Acceptance letter from University/College.
  14. Two copies of acceptance from the University/College
  15. Proof of advance tuition fee,
  16. Conditional offer letter from University/College.
  17. Two copies of conditional offer letter from University/College
  18. Two Teachers Recommendation letters.
  19. Character Certificates from all your previous educational institutes (if available).
  20. Police Character certificate from any nearest police station with two photo copies.
  21. Your own affidavit stating that you are going to study in Ireland, your real purpose is to study there, your documents are genuine and after completion of studies you will return to your country. Moreover, you have sufficient funds to support you during your education in Ireland and you will not become a burden on Irish Government.
  22. Affidavit / Sponsor Letter on stamp paper Rs.20/- (sponsor letter) from my Sponsor (in case your sponsor belongs to Pakistan)
  23. Sponsor letter on legal paper with notary public stamp if your sponsor belongs to any other country.
  24. Affidavit / sponsor letter on business letter head. If your sponsor is a business man.
  25. Proof of business / job of the Sponsor/business ownership.
  26. Three Copies of ID Card & Visiting card of sponsor.
  27. Property documents including commercial , agricultural , residential property, Car , tractor, other machinery of sponsor (if any)
  28. Tax documents of the sponsor. .(if applicable)
  29. Six Months running Bank statements of sponsor including all personal and business accounts (Fresh printed by bank).
  30. Letter from Bank about account existence.
  31. Saving or fixed deposits of sponsor.
  32. Student’s own personal Bank Statement. .(if applicable)
  33. Two photo copies sets of all the bank statements stated above.

Please note a student can be sponsored by any or all of the following ways:-

Parents, Paternal / Maternal uncle, brothers / Sisters, Grand Parents, Cousins, family friends, student him / herself, there is no matter in which countries they are living now,

Bank statement in case of:-

  • Parents: – more than your full course tuition cost + living. (6 months bank statement with transactions)
  • Other than parents according to the above given guide three time more than your full cost of tuition, & living.  (6 months bank statement with transactions)
  • Students himself / herself: – equal to full course tuition & Living. (Student own bank statement no need to have 6 months transactions even student can deposit 5 days before applying visa.)

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